A New Sefer Torah

An Anthology of the Customs of Hachnasat Sefer Torah in the Chabad Tradition

A New Sefer Torah unites the community. Every Jew is compared to a letter in a Sefer Torah, and a Sefer Torah is only valid when all the letters are present. When a new Sefer Torah is written and presented to a community, it is an occasion for great celebration and fanfare. The Siyum, procession and Hakafot all leave an indelible impression upon all those who participate. Surrounding this celebration are numerous customs that enhance the great honour bestowed upon the Torah. This book is an anthology of those customs in the Chabad tradition.

Also included are relevant Sichot, Maamarim and stories, discussing the writing and importance of a new Sefer Torah.

There is also a section discussing the writing of the Sefer Torah of Moshiach, and the Sefer Torah Campaign in which the Rebbe
urged all Jews to purchase a letter in a Sefer Torah.

May it be the will of Hashem that very soon we shall take all the Sifrei Torah to welcome and greet Moshiach who will teach us great new insights into the Torah. May it be soon in our days Amen!

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